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London, England

Highlighted rankings: Nightlife (1), Museums (1)

Despite a year when England’s longest-reigning monarch passed away … despite three prime ministers in mere months …“Despite much-warranted hand-wringing about the flight of talent and capital due to the pall of Brexit (and the follow-up specter of an airborne pandemic), London is hanging in just fine,” says Resonance, “relying on a dipping currency to attract investment and, of course, previously priced-out tourists. And new residents. New wealthy residents who can now afford to check off a big item on the multimillionaire bucket list: property in the best city on the planet. … According to fDi Markets, the Financial Times’ foreign investment tracker, London has pulled in the most foreign direct investments into tech from international companies since 2018, ahead of New York, Singapore, and Dubai.”

Why we love it: London’s main sights might date back millennia, but the capital’s shops, bars, hotels, and restaurants continue to evolve on an almost weekly basis. Whether you’re outdoorsy, hungry, or bringing a family in tow, there’s a distinct London neighborhood to investigate—and it will likely look different from your last visit. For new hotel options, there’s everything from the much-hyped NoMad London to hip One Hundred Shoreditch to revitalized historic classics such as the Dilly.

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The Population Breakdown

Similar to other big countries, the gap between India’s largest and smallest states is quite wide.

Uttar Pradesh is the most populous country subdivision in the world at 232 million people, while Sikkim, in the northeast of the country, is the least populated state in India (0.7 million).

Here are India’s 28 states and 8 union territories compared to other countries and territories with comparable sizes:

State Population (2022) Country Population (2022)
Uttar Pradesh 232M Brazil + Ecuador 234M
Bihar 129M Mexico 132M
Maharashtra 125M Japan 126M
West Bengal 101M Egypt 107M
Madhya Pradesh 85M Turkey 87M
Tamil Nadu 84M Germany 84M
Rajasthan 80M Ukraine + Poland 81M
Gujarat 70M Thailand 70M
Karnataka 70M UK 69M
Andhra Pradesh 54M Myanmar 55M
Odisha 47M Spain 47M
Jharkhand 40M Iraq 42M
Telangana 38M Malaysia + Singapore 39M
Assam 36M Canada 39M
Kerala 35M Saudi Arabia 36M
Chhattisgarh 32M Peru 34M
Punjab 31M Australia + New Zealand 31M
Haryana 29M Venezuela 28M
Delhi 19M Romania 19M
Jammu and Kashmir 15M Zimbabwe 15M
Uttarakhand 12M Bolivia 12M
Himachal Pradesh 7.5M Hong Kong 7.6M
Tripura 4.2M Croatia 4.0M
Meghalaya 3.8M Eritrea 3.7M
Manipur 3.4M Uruguay 3.5M
Nagaland 2.1M Slovenia 2.1M
Puducherry 1.6M Bahrain 1.8M
Arunachal Pradesh 1.7M Latvia 1.8M
Goa 1.5M Equatorial Guinea 1.5M
Mizoram 1.3M Estonia 1.3M
Chandigarh 1.2M Cyprus 1.3M
Dadra and Nagar Haveli
& Daman and Diu
0.8M Guyana 0.8M
Sikkim 0.7M Macao 0.7M
Andaman & Nicobar Islands 0.4M Bahamas 0.4M
Lakshadweep 0.07M Cayman Islands 0.07M 

Hypothetically, if India’s states were to all became countries today, they would take up half the spots in a ranking of the world’s top 20 most populous countries.

A number of Indian states match up evenly against some very large countries, including Maharashtra (Japan), West Bengal (Egypt), and Tamil Nadu (Germany). Of course, the largest is Uttar Pradesh (Brazil+Chile), which also happens to measure up to neighboring Pakistan.

For people living in countries such as Canada or Australia, it may be humbling to know that these countries are equal to a smallish Indian state.

World’s 100 best performing cities with their investment climate score for 2020

Rank City Country CEOWORLD Investment Climate Score
1 London United Kingdom 78.2
2 New York United States 72
3 Paris France 70.5
4 Tokyo Japan 70.3
5 Moscow Russia 70.1
6 Dubai United Arab Emirates 69.9
7 Singapore Singapore 69.8
8 Barcelona Spain 69.8
9 Los Angeles United States 69.5
10 Rome Italy 68.3
11 San Francisco United States 68.2
12 Madrid Spain 66.9
13 Chicago United States 66.8
14 Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates 66.6
15 Amsterdam Netherlands 66
16 Beijing China 65.8
17 Toronto Canada 65.2
18 Doha Qatar 65
19 Hong Kong China 64.2
20 San Diego United States 64
21 Boston United States 63.9
22 Sydney Australia 63.4
23 Las Vegas United States 62.6
24 Miami United States 62.4
25 San Jose United States 62.2
26 Washington United States 62.1
27 Zürich Switzerland 62.1
28 Berlin Germany 61.3
29 Prague Czech Republic 60.7
30 Seoul South Korea 60.4
31 Milan Italy 60
32 Houston United States 60
33 Melbourne Australia 59.1
34 Seattle United States 59.1
35 St. Petersburg Russia 59
36 Vienna Austria 58.7
37 Munich Germany 58.4
38 Dallas United States 58.4
39 Istanbul Turkey 57.9
40 Austin United States 57.3
41 Vancouver Canada 57
42 Dublin Ireland 56.9
43 Orlando United States 56.9
44 Osaka Japan 56.7
45 Montreal Canada 56.1
46 Stuttgart Germany 56
47 Frankfurt Germany 55.8
48 Calgary Canada 55.5
49 Phoenix United States 55.4
50 Lisbon Portugal 55.2
51 Budapest Hungary 54.1
52 Denver United States 53.8
53 Philadelphia United States 53.4
54 Tel Aviv Israel 52.7
55 Atlanta United States 52.6
56 Minneapolis United States 52.1
57 Portland United States 52
58 Bangkok Thailand 51.6
59 Sao Paulo Brazil 51.4
60 Lyon France 51.3
61 Riyadh Saudi Arabia 51.2
62 Brisbane Australia 51
63 Perth Australia 51
64 Hamburg Germany 50.6
65 Copenhagen Denmark 50.3
66 Valencia Spain 49.1
67 Athens Greece 47.3
68 Stockholm Sweden 47.3
69 Marseille France 47
70 Adelaide Australia 46.4
71 New Orleans United States 45.2
72 Buenos Aires Argentina 44.7
73 Oslo Norway 43.4
74 Warsaw Poland 42
75 Rio de Janeiro Brazil 41.9
76 Brussels Belgium 39.4
77 Ottawa Canada 39.3
78 Seville Spain 39.2
79 Nashville United States 36.5
80 Baltimore United States 36
81 Delhi India 35.8
82 Sacramento United States 35.3
83 Edmonton Canada 34.7
84 Helsinki Finland 33.8
85 Salt Lake City United States 32.8
86 Charlotte United States 31.9
87 Shanghai China 28.5
88 anover Germany 28.2
89 Cologne Germany 27.9
90 St. Louis United States 27.6
91 Tucson United States 27.3
92 Raleigh United States 27.2
93 San Antonio United States 27
94 Columbus United States 26.3
95 Santiago Chile 25.8
96 Mexico City Mexico 25.7
97 Tampa United States 25.6
98 Auckland New Zealand 25.6
99 Pittsburgh United States 25.2
100 Nuremberg Germany 22.7

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CEOWORLD magazine — Top Stories — Stats Gate — Report: Ranking Of The Globe’s 100 Best-Performing Cities For 2020

Not-So-Lonely At the Top

Although the top of this list has remained fairly stable in terms of rank in recent years, two cities have seen an impressive influx of travelers.

Paris and Istanbul both made significant gains between 2017 and 2019 with 20.6% and 37.2% growth in visitors respectively:

Note that only one North American city, New York City, is found in this top 10. As well, Asian cities account for half of the leading group, with two of the top 10 cities are located in China. Although Hong Kong leads the top 100 list, political turmoil led to a marked decline of international visitors of 4.2% from 2017 to 2019.

The largest rank changes in the top 10 were made by Macau and Istanbul, but the rise was subtle. Both cities gained two spots each between 2013 and 2018, though each had sizable traveler growth rates, with Macau growing by 19.0%.

Rank City Country Arrivals (Millions) 5yr Rank Change Growth (’17-19)
1 Hong Kong China (SAR) 29.26 -4.2%
2 Bangkok Thailand 24.17 15.1%
3 London United Kingdom 19.23 -1.4%
4 Macau China (SAR) 18.93 2 19.0%
5 Singapore Singapore 18.55 -1 12.2%
6 Paris France 17.56 -1 20.6%
7 Dubai UAE 15.92 3.4%
8 New York City US 13.60 1 7.0%
9 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 13.43 1 9.6%
10 Istanbul Turkey 13.43 2 37.2%
11 Delhi India 12.65 30 49.6%
12 Antalya Turkey 12.44 -1 40.6%
13 Shenzhen China 12.20 -5 2.0%
14 Mumbai India 10.59 28 38.5%
15 Phuket Thailand 10.55 8.4%
16 Rome Italy 10.07 -3 8.3%
17 Tokyo Japan 9.99 15 9.3%
18 Pattaya Thailand 9.61 -1 8.9%
19 Taipei Taiwan, China 9.60 -1 7.7%
20 Mecca Saudi Arabia 9.57 1 0.3%
21 Guangzhou China 9.00 -5 0.1%
22 Prague Czechia 8.95 -3 3.9%
23 Medina Saudi Arabia 8.55 1 0.7%
24 Seoul South Korea 8.43 -10 19.1%
25 Amsterdam Netherlands 8.35 3 12.6%
26 Agra India 8.14 38 52.6%
27 Miami US 8.12 -7 6.9%
28 Osaka Japan 7.86 69 36.2%
29 Los Angeles US 7.50 -7 7.8%
30 Shanghai China 7.48 -7 7.8%
31 Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam 7.20 6 31.6%
32 Denpasar Indonesia 7.19 13 37.5%
33 Barcelona Spain 6.71 -6 11.6%
34 Las Vegas US 6.59 -9 -0.8%
35 Milan Italy 6.48 -9 3.9%
36 Chennai India 6.42 7 55.8%
37 Vienna Austria 6.41 -8 7.1%
38 Johor Bahru Malaysia 6.40 8 29.8%
39 Jaipur India 6.38 29 42.9%
40 Cancun Mexico 6.04 17 1.8%
41 Berlin Germany 5.96 -10 10.1%
42 Cairo Egypt 5.75 18 55.1%
43 Athens Greece 5.73 18 31.3%
44 Orlando US 5.55 -10 8.7%
45 Moscow Russia 5.51 -10 24.4%
46 Venice Italy 5.50 -16 5.3%
47 Madrid Spain 5.44 -8 6.3%
48 Ha Long Vietnam 5.29 14 44.0%
49 Riyadh Saudi Arabia 5.27 -9 0.9%
50 Dublin Ireland 5.21 -12 9.4%
51 Florence Italy 5.06 -15 3.9%
52 Ha Noi Vietnam 4.69 21 19.3%
53 Toronto Canada 4.51 10.5%
54 Johannesburg South Africa 4.12 -10 3.4%
55 Sydney Australia 4.09 1 12.1%
56 Munich Germany 4.06 -7 11.0%
57 Jakarta Indonesia 4.03 17 30.9%
58 Beijing China 4.00 -25 3.8%
59 St. Petersburg Russia 4.00 -11 23.9%
60 Brussels Belgium 3.94 -13 24.8%
61 Jerusalem Israel 3.93 -9 27.0%
62 Budapest Hungary 3.82 -7 10.4%
63 Lisbon Portugal 3.54 9 3.4%
64 Dammam Saudi Arabia 3.50 -14 0.3%
65 Penang Island Malaysia 3.44 -2 16.3%
66 Heraklion Greece 3.40 -1 -3.8%
67 Kyoto Japan 3.29 58 4.4%
68 Zhuhai China 3.26 -9 4.4%
69 Vancouver Canada 3.21 13 13.3%
70 Chiang Mai Thailand 3.20 6 4.2%
71 Copenhagen Denmark 3.07 8 7.8%
72 San Francisco US 2.90 -14 3.1%
73 Melbourne Australia 2.89 12 20.9%
74 Krakow Poland 2.85 -8 3.9%
75 Marrakech Morocco 2.84 2 13.1%
76 Kolkatta India 2.83 14 22.3%
77 Cebu Philippines 2.81 51 -4.2%
78 Auckland New Zealand 2.80 6 9.7%
79 Tel Aviv Israel 2.78 -8 16.0%
80 Guilin China 2.75 29 19.7%
81 Honolulu US 2.74 -11 6.0%
82 Hurgada Egypt 2.74 45 108.1%
83 Warsaw Poland 2.73 -16 7.2%
84 Mugla Turkey 2.72 -33 47.5%
85 Buenos Aires City Argentina 2.69 -31 8.6%
86 Chiba Japan 2.68 106 14.4%
87 Frankfurt Germany 2.64 -7 9.2%
88 Stockholm Sweden 2.60 10.1%
89 Lima Peru 2.54 -11 17.5%
90 Da Nang Vietnam 2.51 72 44.0%
91 Batam Indonesia 2.49 20 27.8%
92 Nice France 2.47 -17 10.7%
93 Fukuoka Japan 2.44 104 24.6%
94 Abu Dhabi UAE 2.40 12 14.7%
95 Jeju South Korea 2.35 -8 -6.2%
96 Porto Portugal 2.34 22 11.7%
97 Rhodes Greece 2.34 -11 10.6%
98 Rio de Janeiro Brazil 2.28 -7 3.6%
99 Krabi Thailand 2.26 -5 12.7%
100 Bangalore India 2.24 83 50.6%

It’s also worth noting that based on the data collected into 2019, London was projected to continue its downward trend, bringing it to 5th spot—mostly due to complications brought on by Brexit and associated visa restrictions.

Paris, France

Highlighted rankings: Sights and Landmarks (1), Shopping (2)

“What returning visitors find is a city that has codified pedestrianism and alfresco living,” says Resonance. “To ensure cars didn’t take back control of Paris streets as pandemic urban pilot projects waned—as was the case in many other cities—Mayor Hidalgo legislated that the 60,000 parking spots loaned to restaurants for outdoor seating simply remained. … Nowhere is the transformation more dramatic than along the River Seine in the heart of Paris’s tourist district, near Notre Dame Cathedral and city hall itself. With the reduced car traffic, this is now Paris’s town square (in a city with dozens of historic spots worthy of the honor). The riverside promenade hosted thousands night after night, even after Paris’s Right Bank summer event wrapped up. The Paris-Plages urban beach initiative welcomes picnicking and other low-cost access to a city long criticized as pricey and exclusive.”

Why we love it: As Paris gears up for the 2024 Olympics, it’s only getting better. Improved infrastructure, a commitment to pedestrianism, and a handful of new hotels in the past year alone add to a city we love for its world-class art, shopping, and global cuisine.

Plan your next trip with AFAR’s Guide to Paris.

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Barcelona, Spain

Highlighted rankings: Nightlife (3), TripAdvisor Reviews (5)

Why we love it: Barcelona is an almost ideal European city, one with near-perfect weather year round, miles and miles of beaches, iconic parks, Gaudí’s iconic architectural landmarks, and “colorful neighborhoods that march to their own beat—artistic, sophisticated, bohemian,” says Resonance. Now it can add “bike-friendly” to the list. “What visitors will find is more non-vehicular access to the city. Mayor Colau has delivered on her promise to reach 125 miles of bike lanes, with another 20 to be completed by 2023.” As part of the mayor’s “superblock” initiative, parking and roads have been replaced with playgrounds and public seating.

Just look to Passeig de Sant Joan, recently named one of the world’s best streets by Time Out. “Sant Joan is one of Spain’s first green corridors, designed for self-propelled mobility and exploration with its bicycle lanes, expansive sidewalks, greenery and sprawling outdoor seating,” says Resonance. “Extra bonus: it’s also home to the city’s beloved food market, Mercat de l’Abaceria (at least until it moves into more permanent digs later this decade).”

Plan your next trip with AFAR’s Guide to Barcelona.

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The Big Get Bigger

According to United Nations projections, India is on track to become the most populous country in the world in 2023.

The population of India’s growth is fueled by several factors, including declining mortality rates, increased life expectancy, and high birth rates. While India’s population growth has slowed in recent years due to factors such as urbanization and increasing access to contraception, the country’s population is still expected to continue growing at a significant rate for the foreseeable future.

Where does this data come from?

Source: Population projections for India are from indiacensus.net. Population figures for comparison countries are from the UN’s World Population Prospects: The 2019 Revision (medium-fertility variant), accessed via Worldometers‘ live tracker. All population figures shown are 2022 projections.

Data note: Because there are only so many countries, the populations of comparison countries may not perfectly match that of the various Indian states and union territories. Numbers are rounded.

Map note: A number of borders and regions in India are disputed with other countries. Our depiction of borders is a good faith, apolitical attempt at reflecting the “de facto” situation in each region.

Madrid, Spain

Highlighted rankings: Nightlife (6), Trip Advisor Reviews (7)

Up from the 10th spot, Madrid has “bounced back on its feet deftly, continuing a much-needed investment in its bounteous (but long-dormant) infrastructure and public assets that is fueling the Spanish capital’s city-building legacy like few eras before,” says Resonance. “Perhaps the biggest news is Madrid’s beautiful measures to combat climate change and pollution, by way of a 47-mile urban forest network with nearly half-a-million new trees that will connect the city’s existing forest masses and reuse derelict sites between roads and buildings. Upon completion, this ‘green wall’ is projected to help absorb 175,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year, and mitigate heat generated by urban human activity.”

Why we love it: Spain’s capital is best explored on foot—strolling its wide boulevards or wandering down the halls of the Reina Sofia or Prado museums. But be sure to indulge in an afternoon siesta, since Madrid’s nightlife scene is not to be missed. In fact, when AFAR sent novelist Mira T. Lee on a last-minute trip to Spain in 2019, she rediscovered her love of late nights watching flamenco shows and dancing at clubs in the city’s Cheuca neighborhood. COVID has curtailed some of the nocturnal fun, but investments in outdoor dining and walking infrastructure should see the city bounce back when the virus eventually recedes.

Plan your next trip with AFAR’s Guide to Madrid.

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Tokyo, Japan

Highlighted rankings: Restaurants (1), Shopping (1)

“Despite the pandemic and subsequent derailment of Japan’s plans—or perhaps because of them—the Japanese government remains steadfast, keeping its target of 60 million visitors and $136 billion in tourism revenue by 2030. It’s not as delusional as it sounds: the country enjoyed record tourism for seven straight years and can now accommodate even more visitors to Tokyo, with the expansion of the international terminal at Haneda, the city’s main airport,” says Resonance. There’s much ado around Japan’s recent reopening to international travelers—and as the world’s best city for shopping, wallets will likely open on their return.

Why we love it: Ranked no. 1 for its restaurants, Tokyo is home to some life-changing ramen, making it a destination worth planning an entire trip around food. And if most of your travel budget goes to eating, don’t worry. There are plenty of affordable hotels in Tokyo to book.

Plan your next trip with AFAR’s Guide to Tokyo.

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Trending: Indian and Japanese Cities Take Flight

Most of the dramatic shifts in city travel patterns are happening below the top 10. Asian hot spots are gaining steam and swiftly making their way up the top 100 rankings, signaling a shift in global preferences before lockdowns began.

Take Japan for instance. The five Japanese cities in the top 100 rose by 352 places collectively since 2013. The country’s top city destinations have had an average traveler growth rate of 17.8% from 2017 to 2019. In light of Japan’s impeccable containment of COVID-19, that trend may be compounded in coming years.

Japan’s dramatic rise in the ranks is echoed by India. India’s seven cities in the top 100 have risen 229 places — with a huge average growth rate of 44.6% from 2017 to 2019. Some of that growth is the result of lifestyle tourism, particularly in the case of Delhi, which saw its traveler rate grow by 49.6% since 2017.

Prior to the pandemic, Delhi was expected to continue that steady growth and experience a leap in rank, which currently sits at 11.

— Euromonitor International

What is the world’s best city?

London has been named the best city in the world for the sixth year in a row. The ‘capital of capitals’ has taken the top spot despite concerns surrounding the city’s post-Brexit future. However, the report’s authors believe the city continues to draw talent and visitors to the en masse and will eventually weather the storm and even emerge stronger.

JAKUB BARZYCKI/SHUTTERSTOCK London is ranked as the world’s best city

The UK capital scored highly in the programming, promotion, product and prosperity categories but was some way behind in the place category. Unemployment and a waning economy have meant the city’s number one position is under serious threat.

London is closely followed by the usual suspects of Paris and New York. Paris has moved up a place from last year, overtaking New York, thanks to its ambitious sustainability policies which have included expanding cycle routes, reducing city speed limits and tree planting.

Even though New York was the initial epicentre of America’s coronavirus outbreak, the report remains optimistic about the city’s future. It points to the high number of Global 500 companies located in the Big Apple as well as the city’s endless nightlife, shopping and attractions that sustain its ‘enduring allure’.

Thorsten Weinert/Shutterstock New York remains one of the world’s great cities

Moscow, the world’s fourth-best city, wins praise for its international events such as the 2018 FIFA World Cup Final hosted at Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium in the city’s 360-acre Olympic complex as well as its plethora of cultural showcases.

Moscow has also benefitted from the first so-called ‘post-Soviet generation”’ of Muscovites who have travelled the world and are now returning with suitcases full of ideas that they’re unpacking to huge effect in their proud city.

Dubai has sneaked into the top five of the best cities in the world for the first time thanks to its ‘alluring blend of over-the-top experiences, Arab heritage and luxury shopping’. The city continues to attract the highest proportion of foreign-born residents of any city in the world, and they tend to be well-educated – ranking 23rd for Educational Attainment globally.

Baturina Yuliya/Shutterstock Moscow is the world’s fourth-best city

Tokyo is Asia’s highest-ranked city in sixth place and the safest metropolis on the planet. The city is poised to benefit from the range of new infrastructure constructed for the Olympics which will no doubt come in handy in the future.

The report also highlights Tokyo’s popularity with shoppers continually expanding food scene. The metropolis offers as many restaurants as the top five cities combined – more than 100,000 in total!

Richie Chan/Shutterstock Tokyo is the world’s sixth-best city

Wherever you decide to live, work or visit, make sure you have travel insurance. We’ve used several providers over the years and are now covered by an annual multi-trip policy from Heymondo. The policy covers us for theft, medical expenses up to $10m USD, cancellation and Covid-19 coverage.

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The best city to buy real estate

Barcelona was ranked 8th in the top 100 cities in the world. It is popular with tourists as the sunny city has many beaches, parks and attractions. The sky is not overcast for about 260 days a year.

Barcelona regularly ranks among the top 10 most beautiful places to live. In 2019, the travel website Flight Network ranked the city 6th out of 50.

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the Spanish property market hard. Housing discounts scale up to 30% and copious ads with urgent sale stamps appear. At the end of 2020, the average cost per square meter in the country was €1,391. In the summer of the same year, prices were €1,730 per square meter.

Property prices will recover when borders open and tourist flows return. Investors will be able to make money on the rental and sale of objects or choose a profitable offer for themselves.

To move to Barcelona, ​​you can take part in the Spanish residence by investment program. Cosmopolitans invest from €500,000. One of the options is buying real estate.

Barcelona, ​​Spain

A city with high potential

Athens is ranked 29th in the ranking of the best cities for life and business. The rating compilers praised the city’s attractions, museums and nightlife.

Athens has a low cost of living compared to other European countries. According to the site Numbeo, daily expenses there are 46% lower than in Moscow. The similar figure for Barcelona is 60%, and for Vienna — 71%.

It is pleasant to live in Athens due to the warm climate and proximity to the Aegean Sea. The hottest month is July; the average daytime temperature is +32.5 ℃. In August, the sea water warms up to +26.7 ℃. It is also a very sunny city as there are around 250 clear days a year.

It is pleasant to live in Athens due to the warm climate and proximity to the Aegean Sea. The hottest month is July; the average daytime temperature is +32.5 ℃. In August, the sea water warms up to +26.7 ℃. It is also a very sunny city as there are around 250 clear days a year.

An average amount of clear days in Athens

The Greek government is implementing economic reforms aimed at sustainable development and fighting corruption. The efforts were assessed by Moody’s: at the end of 2020, the country’s credit rating was raised to Ba3. And the European Commission predicts Greece’s GDP growth of 5% in 2021. The recovery of the country’s economy leads to an increase in the potential of the capital.

Greece issues a residence permit for investment. The minimum investment amount is €250,000. Applicants buy real estate, rent hotels or apartments in tourist complexes.

Athens, Greece

The best cities for business

In 2020, Startup Genome presented the Global Startup Ecosystem 2020 report, which ranks the best cities in the world for startups. The first three positions are occupied by San Francisco, New York and London.

San Francisco tops the rankings thanks to the famous Silicon Valley, an arearnhome to many high-tech companies.

In the ranking of the best cities in the world, San Francisco is 14th. Experts praised the city’s economy and educational opportunities. Additionally, many migrants, creatives and intellectual people live here, so the city has a rather high cultural level making it easy for newcomers to integrate into society.

Tram on one of the streets of San Francisco

New York is ranked second in the ranking of the best cities to live in. It was recognized as the first in terms of cultural life and the second in terms of promotion and popularity among tourists. There are also many opportunities for work and business: the city was ranked fourth in terms of the number of offices in the Global Fortune 500.

The US offers investors two types of visas. EB-5 is a passive investor visa: you need to invest from $900,000 in an American company and it is not necessary to take part in its maintenance. The E-2 visa involves opening your own business in the country. The investment amount has not been determined, but usually, it ranges from $100,000.

Immigrant visas to the US

Most investors can only get an EB-5 visa. This option is not suitable for everyone because of the high amount of investment and a long wait — it will only be possible to move in one and a half to two years.

To obtain an E-2 visa, one needs to be a citizen of a country that has signed an agreement to do so with the United States. For example, Grenada is a state in the Caribbean. There you can get a passport for investments in the economy from $150,000.

To obtain citizenship of Grenada and an E-2 visa in the United States, an investor needs to invest from $250,000. Applicants receive a second passport in four to six months. It takes two to five months to get a visa. It turns out faster and cheaper than the EB-5 visa.

The practical guide on obtaining Grenada citizenship
Download the guide

London is ranked first in the ranking of the best cities to live in. It was ranked first in terms of popularity with tourists and second for cultural life.

London is renowned for its high standard of living and business opportunities. It is one of the business capitals of the world: the city ranks fifth in terms of the number of offices of companies from the Global Fortune 500.

Also, London became second in terms of infrastructure development: famous museums, parks and universities are located here. This makes it one of the most livable cities.

The UK issues a special Investor Visa to wealthy foreigners who invest from £2 million in the country’s business. The visa is issued for three years. It allows you to live, do business and study in the country.

In 2020, 216 investors and 375 members of their families received an investor visa. The result was 40% lower than in 2019. At the same time, the percentage of refusals according to the statements of investors has doubled.

City of London

The best city for leisure

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, was ranked 53rd. It is a warm, safe and sunny resort town. Portugal has a low crime rate and the locals are tourist-friendly.

In 2020, Portugal was voted the best holiday destination in Europe collecting awards in the 26 World Travel Awards nominations. The experts noted not only Lisbon, but also other resorts such as Porto, the Algarve, Madeira and the Azores. Moving to Portugal is suitable for those who are laid back and prefer a life by the sea.

To settle in Portugal, cosmopolitans receive a residence permit by investment. The most popular option is the purchase of new real estate in the amount of €500,000 or more: you can immediately buy a house or an apartment for yourself and your family in order to move. But there are other options as well. The minimum investment for the program is €250,000.

Commerce Square, Lisbon

The practical guide on obtaining residence permit in Portugal
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The best cities with a tolerant attitude towards immigrants

Moving to the best cities to live in can be tricky due to countries’ migration policies. To obtain a residence permit, in most cases, you need to have a good reason: for example, to receive an invitation to work in the country or to marry a citizen.

Some countries offer visas, residence permits or citizenship to investors. To take part in the investment program, applicants invest a certain amount in the development of the economy of the selected state: they make a subsidy, open a business or buy real estate.

Investment programs operate in Portugal, Greece, Spain and Malta. In the United States, you can get a visa by investment. In Austria and Switzerland, cosmopolitans receive a residence permit for being financially independent: you can live with it in the country, but you cannot work and do business.

Of the top 10 cities for living, only four are available for relocation under the investment program: New York, Los Angeles, Madrid and Barcelona. We have selected a few more cities in countries where cosmopolitans can obtain a residence permit or a visa for investment. We will tell you where it is comfortable to live, relax, do business and where it is profitable to buy real estate.

The cleanest and most comfortable city

Vienna, the capital of Austria, was ranked 32nd in the ranking of the best cities. It has largely retained its historical appearance: the townspeople cherish the old buildings. Vienna is also famous for coffee shops, cultural events, museums and universities.

Vienna took first place in the ranking of cities with the best environment. There are many parks here and locals prefer public transport to private cars.

How to obtain residence permit in Austria

Vienna consistently ranks first in the chart of the best cities to live in. In 2018 and 2019, it was named the best by The Economist’s ‘The Global Liveability Index’ and from 2010 to 2019, Vienna ranked first place in the rating system regarding the best quality of life in cities, made by Mercer.

Austria allows wealthy people to obtain a residence permit for the financially independent. No investment is required, but it must be confirmed that the applicant and his family have enough money to live in the country. This program was created specifically for those who want to move: according to its terms, you need to spend at least 183 days a year in Austria.

Stephansplatz, Vienna

best cities in the world – complete ranking

View the complete report from Resonance Consultancy.

1. London, UK 2. Paris, France 3. New York, USA 4. Moscow, Russia 5. Dubai, UAE 6. Tokyo, Japan 7. Singapore, Singapore 8. Los Angeles, USA 9. Barcelona, Spain 10. Madrid, Spain 11. Rome, Italy 12. Doha, Qatar13. Chicago, USA 14. Abu Dhabi, UAE 15. San Francisco, USA 16. Amsterdam, Netherlands 17. St. Petersburg, Russia 18. Toronto, Canada 19. Sydney, Australia 20. Berlin, Germany 21. Las Vegas, USA 22. Washington DC, USA 23. Istanbul, Turkey 24. Vienna, Austria 25. Beijing, China

26. Prague, Czech Republic 27. Milan, Italy 28. San Diego, USA 29. Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR 30. Melbourne, Australia 31. Boston, USA 32. Houston, USA 33. Dublin, Ireland 34. Miami, USA 35. Zurich, Switzerland 36. Seattle, USA 37. Budapest, Hungary 38. Sao Paulo, Brazil 39. Munich, Germany 40. Bangkok, Thailand 41. Orlando, USA 42. Seoul, South Korea 43. Atlanta, USA 44. Dallas, USA 45. Frankfurt, Germany 46. Vancouver, Canada 47. Austin, USA 48. Montréal, Canada 49. Calgary, Canada 50. Delhi, India

51. Lisbon, Portugal 52. Naples, Italy 53. Osaka, Japan 54. San Jose, USA 55. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 56. Denver, USA 57. Philadelphia, USA 58. Tel Aviv, Israel 59. Copenhagen, Denmark 60. Brussels, Belgium 61. Brisbane, Australia 62. Valencia, Spain 63. Buenos Aires, Argentina 64. Taipei, Taiwan 65. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 66. Portland, USA 67. Hamburg, Germany 68. Kuwait, Kuwait 69. Warsaw, Poland 70. Athens, Greece 71. Perth, Australia 72. Helsinki, Finland 73. Minneapolis, USA 74. Oslo, Norway 75. Shanghai, China

76. Phoenix, USA 77. Auckland, New Zealand 78. New Orleans, USA 79. Jerusalem, Israel 80. Muscat, Oman 81. Nashville, USA 82. Stockholm, Sweden 83. Santiago, Chile 84. Ottawa, Canada 85. Baltimore, USA 86. Edmonton, Canada 87. Lyon, France 88. Marseille, France 89. Adelaide, Australia 90. Goteborg, Sweden 91. Bilbao, Spain 92. Mexico City, Mexico 93. Salt Lake City, USA 94. Mumbai, India 95. Sacramento, USA 96. San Antonio, USA 97. Tucson, USA 98. Seville, Spain 99. Charlotte, USA 100. Nanjing, China

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